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Automatic Lessons

Many people choose automatic lessons as automatic cars don't have a clutch system to master, saving lesson time and saving you money. Also, automatics are always in the correct gear, and don't stall, meaning you can then concentrate more on traffic situations and approaching hazards.

Most models of modern cars are now offered with an automatic version, and is now becoming a popular way to learn to drive, and gain your independence.

Bear in mind that once you pass your test in an automatic car you will ONLY be able to drive automatic cars. Should you wish to upgrade to manual cars you will need to take a further driving test.

However if you are nervous about learning to drive or have had difficulty previously with clutch control and changing gears, you can always try out an automatic and move onto manual once you are comfortable.

Automatic Lessons £27.50 per hour

Pass Plus

Minimum of 6 hours 10% discount if you have trained with us

Block Bookings and Intensive courses

Discount If block booked 20 hours and over

20 Hours

30 Hours

40 Hours

What our Automatic Lessons offer:

  • High Pass Rate.
  • All of our tuition cars are dual-controlled.
  • Regular lessons of 1.5 or 2 hour sessions.
  • Intensive courses.
  • Considered to be safer to drive, as you have fewer distractions.
  • Less stressful, no clutch to master, no stalling worries.
  • No gear changes whilst moving.
  • Just the two pedals, Slow and Go.
  • Lessons tailored to suit your requirements.
  • Pass Plus available.
  • Discounts available for block bookings.


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